Our Story

Rethinking the purpose of business

Doing Good Works was founded in 2015 with the goal of re-imagining how a business can operate, and redefining what it means to achieve business success.

We became aware of the significant challenges faced by youth aging out of the foster care system. We decided to focus on providing them with the tools, skills, and mindset they need to reach their full potential.

From promoting products that matter with DGW Branded to helping individuals achieve their best with Healthy Humans and Foster Greatness, our priority has always been motivated by a belief that a holistic approach to business can achieve extraordinary results.

Our Founders

Scott and Jordan's initial spark came through the passion of wanting to change outcomes of young adults who are aging out of foster care.

Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson

Co-Founder & CEO

With a background in supply chain management, Scott co-founded Doing Good Works to use his expertise to create positive change in the world. Driven by a passion for sustainability and social impact, he is dedicated to using business as a force for good.

Jordan Bartlett

Jordan Bartlett

Co-Founder & COO

With experience in insurance and recruiting, Jordan saw an opportunity to use that business experience to create real change. This led Jordan to Co-Founding Doing Good Works to create sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

The values that shape us

Empowerment of underserved communities

We provide support and resources to underrepresented members of our community so that we can propel forward change in the places we do business.

Transparency and accountability

As a B Corp, we’re rigorously assessed, internally and externally, on our actions and their impact on the communities we serve.

Long-term sustainability and scalability

We place long-term sustainability over short-term growth. By valuing the interests of every stakeholder, we can grow responsibly as a company.

Continuous learning and improvement

We can create more effective solutions to social and environmental issues by continuously learning and improving.

Let's do good together!